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This wiki is all about a series of games created by DATUS3r and Proppy: Five Nights At Pico's (or FNAP for short). FNAP is a fan game series obviously based on FNAF by Scott Cawthon where the animatronics are replaced by Scratch characters Pico, Tera, Nano, Giga, Scratch, and Gobo.

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There aren't many rules here, just don't replace correct information/media with incorrect information/media. Adding/editing correct information/media is perfectly fine. Also if silly old me (YoshiFan2018) added wrong information/media thinking it's correct, then it's fine to change the info so it's correct.

In terms of commenting, just don't be inappropriate, and don't spam please. I don't like that. Nobody does. If yopu notice any typos or wrong info, just let me know via the comments or fix it yourself.

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